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Siggi Clavien Biography

Originally from Miège, Switzerland, Siggi Clavien is a tenacious entrepreneur with a rich history of success anticipating, identifying and generating new opportunities in the marketplace. When he is not busy evaluating the newest trends and fortifying his business ventures, Siggi prefers to dedicate his time to several charities with which he has worked closely over the years.

More important than the financial contributions Siggi has made is the time he invests in notable charities such as Save The Redwoods LeagueWestside Food BankMADD, the Nature Conservancy,  Ace for the Troops and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Siggi funded and helped to build the charity America’s Mighty Warriors, an organization dedicated to raising money and support for United States troops and their families, which holds a portfolio featuring assets in California, Georgia and Texas.  Drawing on his knowledge, education and experience in the finance sector, Siggi cofounded the notably successful incubator company Venture Serve, where he manages all aspects of consulting and strategic planning as the CEO.

Other noteworthy projects from Siggi’s career include Nutra Cleanse, Applied Sciences, Spectrum Sports and Peak Restaurant Group. He is also Managing Director of Mission Consulting, LTD, a London-based firm.

When Siggi is not dedicating his time to business ventures or his charity contributions, he tries to enjoy his personal interests, which include equestrian, cooking, history, golf, politics, global economics and fine art.